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Independent Wealth Management Firms in NJ

Regardless of what your financial goals are, talking to an independent wealth management firm can help you reach them. Financial planning involves a lot of details and complexities, something which most of us do not have the time to grapple with. Even if you take the time to learn all of the ins and outs… Read more »

How Do I Choose Financial Advisors in NJ?

If you’re looking for financial guidance in New Jersey, you might not know who to turn to for help. Considering the financial advisor you choose will have a lot of control over your wealth and finances, you don’t want to leave it in just anybody’s hands. It’s understandable that you want to hire the best of the best. Before… Read more »

10 Questions to Ask a Financial Advisor in New Jersey

What to Ask a Financial Advisor One of the biggest mistakes you can make when seeking financial advice is to sign up for the first advisor that comes along. This can be a disastrous decision and a complete waste of your time and money. The reality is, not all financial advisors are created equal. There are important… Read more »

The Ultimate NJ ABP Retirement Checklist: Everything You Need to Know

  Offered only to employees who work in higher education, the New Jersey Alternate Benefit Program (ABP) is a comprehensive retirement package that includes a variety of benefits, along with life insurance and disability coverage for everybody who qualifies. The NJ ABP Retirement Checklist If you or a loved one are a qualifying member of ABP,… Read more »

Do I Contact Human Resources Regarding Any Retirement Options?

Unfortunately, retirement isn’t a “hands off” type of investment. In fact, a successful retirement is usually the result of years worth of planning, detailed preparations and sometimes tedious amounts of research. The good news is, you don’t have to plan your retirement all alone. There are many different types of professionals, such as financial planners,… Read more »

Is There a Minimum Retirement Age With the ABP?

If you live in New Jersey and are employed by a higher education facility, there’s a good chance you qualify, or have already qualified, for the Alternate Benefit Program (ABP). If so, you might have several questions about the benefits and obligations included in your retirement plan pertaining to things like contributions, distributions and age… Read more »

I Am Contemplating Retirement, Where Do I Start?

  A relaxing retirement isn’t something that’s just given to us. It’s only achieved through years of hard work and careful planning. But you shouldn’t let the complexities of retirement planning hold you back from reaching your goals. The truth is, with the right information from the right professionals, planning your dream retirement can be… Read more »

How Do I Know How Much Money I Need Saved for Retirement?

Nearly everybody looks forward to the day that they can retire from work. These very special years are supposed to be filled with relaxation, contentment and spending quality time with family and loved ones. But if you don’t have enough money in the bank when that day comes, you might end up spending your golden years… Read more »

When Do I Begin the Process of Retirement Planning?

  You have spent years slowly and steadily building your nest egg. Then, you suddenly realize that your retirement date is quickly approaching. Don’t be caught off guard by putting off planning till the last minute. Carefully review the following tips and tricks to ensure you are ready for everything that’s headed your way. Reviewing… Read more »

Is There a Life Insurance Benefit in My NJ ABP Retirement Plan?

  Life insurance is an important part of any retirement plan. It gives you and your family the protection you deserve while giving you the peace of mind you need to enjoy both work and retirement. As a participant in the NJ ABP pension plan, you have probably wondered about what life insurance benefits are included… Read more »