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Earth Day 2019: Carbon Footprint of a Texas Wildcatter Gone Climate Advocate

The earth aware days have arrived. April 22, 2020 will mark the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. Just as active managers use shareholder resolutions to address corporate governance, social, and environmental change, on the other side of the trade are individuals driving the demand of goods and services. Understanding your personal metrics and carbon footprint… Read more »

PG&E: A Case for Active vs. Passive ESG Investing

The story surrounding California Public Utility Pacific Gas and Electric (NYSE: PCG) is a case study of the nuanced implications of different sustainable investing strategies.  PG&E filed for bankruptcy after estimating a $30 billion liability from two years of wildfires, becoming one of the largest utility bankruptcies in history, and one of the first to… Read more »

Gitterman Wealth Management Hosts the 2018 Sustainable Investing Conference at the United Nations

On Tuesday, September 11th, Gitterman Wealth Management hosted the 2018 Sustainable Investing Conference at the United Nations.  The first conference of its kind for financial advisors at the UN brought together over 500 financial professionals to discuss the business case for Sustainable, Impact, and ESG Investing, and its relevance to the United Nations Sustainable Development… Read more »

Arming Financial Advisors about Small Arms and Weapons Exposure

With the unfortunate proliferation of mass shootings around the county, both in schools and elsewhere, several of our clients have begun to ask about their portfolio exposure to small arms and controversial weapons.  Gitterman Wealth Management’s SMART (Sustainability Metrics Applied to Risk Tolerance)® Investing Services utilize multiple ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) data providers, including… Read more »

ESG 2.0: Investing in the Sustainable Development Goals

According to Triple Pundit, 38% of Fortune 500 companies have publicly espoused alignment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).3 These companies are integrating SDG-thinking into business strategy. Given that ESG investing and the Sustainable Development Goals both focus on the application of sustainability through business strategy, it seems reasonable to conclude that the next frontier… Read more »

The New Landscape of Sustainable, Impact, and ESG Investing

On October 19th, 2017, Gitterman Wealth Management hosted the NYC Sustainable ESG Investing Conference for Financial Advisors in mid-town Manhattan.  One of the largest conferences of its kind for financial advisors in NYC brought together over 200 financial professionals to talk about the future of Sustainable, Impact, and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) Investing. Below… Read more »

Active/ Passive/ SMART Beta…What’s the Deal?

According to an interesting article by Morningstar, titled “The Death of Active Management Has Been Exaggerated,” over the past three years, ending on April 30, 2017, passive funds grew by $1.57 trillion in total asset inflows while active funds experienced outflows of $514 billion AUM.1 So, is active management dying? Is the world giving in… Read more »

ESG Indexes Search for Both the Good and the Bad

We are living in an era where corporate reputation is of utmost importance. We are also living in an era where multi-national corporations have become so colossal that global governance simply cannot keep up. Last week U.S. credit bureau, Equifax, revealed bad news for millions of U.S. consumers: a massive security breach that had leaked… Read more »